Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada    

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Linda Judd, President

Prairie Wool Weavers




Prairie Wool Weavers is a group of rural weavers and spinners, of all ages, that meet the first Monday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at a members home to share ideas and experiences.  The members are innovative and willing to try any project.  No challenge is too great.

One long time member says of the group, "Prairie Wool Weavers began in 1977 as a loosely woven organization of slow moving funseekers and in a quarter of a century plus, has become a closely sleyed guild of complimentary idea spinners binding friends with rainbow wefts".

Davidson Leader in 2011 wrote an article about us and our "Its Our Nature" traveling show stop in Craig.  Click HERE to read it. 

Members in 2016 are:  Andrea Bachelor, Sanette Crafford, Hilda Dale, Irene Ehman, Elaine Exelby, Colin Hergert, Linda Judd, Christel Keiser, Pat Linfoot, Jo McAlpine, Bev Obrigewitsch, MaryBelle Powers, Diana Rathwell, Wilma Spencer, Dawn MacTavish, Mary Walker.

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